“Lainie is creative and intelligent, often transforming our ideas in the newsroom into illustrations that added value to our content curation and production. She kept abreast of issues, and was a fast learner, making it easy for me to collaborate with her under stressful conditions caused by fast-moving events and tight deadlines. I was glad to have her on my team.”
Jacqueline Ann Surin, Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder of The Nut Graph.

“As one of our founding team members, Lainie ran our design and content operations for our global clients. She has excellent writing and research skills that would be valuable to any project.Our clients had excellent feedback for her work, ethics, and communication skills. I wholeheartedly endorse Lainie’s employment in any future endeavours.”
Adrianna Tan, CEO, Pen to Pixel

“As a young practitioner who had just returned from studies, Lainie gave me clear and ethical guidelines to follow when writing about shows. She introduced me to more mature ways of thinking about writing, and was very open to feedback and discussions. She had high standards but was respectful and took me seriously at a young age, which I appreciated”
Cheryl Chitty Tan, Actor, Singer, Lyricist

“When I was first starting out as a writer, Lainie proved to be the clearest and kindest editor I could have had. She had my back and supported me and my work, which set my bar high for how an editor should be. I learned a lot from Lainie in my brief stint as a freelance writer for Kakiseni. Most of all, I credit her for teaching me to write with nuance, no matter what anyone says otherwise.”

Alia Ali, Co-Founder of Periuk.my

“I have worked with Lainie in many projects over the span of 12 years,  in various capacities including editing, writing, social media management, and graphic design. Lainie is the first name that comes to my mind for the above mentioned positions. I highly recommend Lainie — she is proactive and accountable, and I trust her completely to carry out her deliverables without supervision. She excels at communicating with the team and is a good team player.”

Cathy Chin, Head of Awards and Head of Kakiseni International Arts Festival, Kakiseni

“I was a fan of Lainie’s work online before I ever met her in person. In the early 2000s her blog and social media accounts documented life in Ipoh, then Kuala Lumpur — I recognised my city in her posts.

This veracity and keen eye for observation was something she’d bring to the fields of journalism, art, and advocacy. She writes cleanly and critically, and has an instinctive grasp of what audiences respond to, in the digital medium, based on decades of experience.

I still consider Lainie my “how-to-engage-people-online expert” friend; she will be an asset to any tech or editorial team who hires her.”

Zedeck Siew, Editor, Kakiseni

“I worked with Lainie on theSun newspaper’s monthly youth supplement. I was her editor and she was one of my freelance writers. Unlike many of her peers then, she has always had a clear grasp of the issues that moved her, and would not hesitate to push her ideas across. Even now, I believe Lainie to be one of the most outspoken people I know. Her passions have clearly guided her career: any organisation she wants to be part of can be assured that she is not just there for the paycheck.”

Kimberley Lau, Editor, theSun 

“Lainie is the most principled and ethical person I have ever worked with. She does not waver.”

chi too, Programme Manager, ILHAM Gallery 

“During her consultancy with ILHAM Gallery, Lainie was a confident and self assured member of the team.  Her strategic thinking and content development skills helped us develop our social media platform and build a strong following.”

Rahel Joseph, Gallery Director, ILHAM Gallery

“I enjoyed working with Lainie at Viddsee where her diverse marketing and communication background enriched our very lean marketing team. With her analytical nature, she was able to offer constructive recommendations which improved our overall workflow and output. She is humble, intelligent, and her experience will benefit any team.”
Karen Wong, Senior Marketing Manager, Viddsee

“Lainie is very active and well-versed in the mechanics of social media. She is also flexible, versatile and well-connected with the creative and activist communities.”
Maya Tan, Brand and Communications Lead, Think City

“I first encountered Lainie as one of the only openly LGBTQ bloggers in Malaysia in the early 2000s— witty, clear, and refreshing. Since then, I’ve interned for Lainie when she put together a cookbook in a team of four, worked for her in social media content, and read her writing on several platforms. I have learned much from her keen eye on: the Malaysian arts scene (particularly theatre and poetry), best practices in social media, activism, and journalistic standards. Above all, I respect her commitment to upholding what she knows to be the most ethically sound way forward even when mediating it isn’t easy. I trust that knowing comes from an informed and considerate process, refined with experience.”
Liyana Yusof, Writer, Pen to Pixel & Kakiseni